No there ain't no cure for the Summertime News!

Who's ready for some HOT summer lovin'?

Savory Seduction releases on Monday, 7-11, and I've got a special exclusively for my website subscribers. Right now, you can pre-order for the price of 99¢! The price will climb to $2.99 after release, so order yours today. LICK, oops, I mean CLICK HERE to meet Analise, Gabriel, and Michael. What's a girl to do with tasty twin brothers?


One woman. Two men. Three lives torn apart by anger and jealousy. Analise Cameron refuses to be the reason the two men despise each other, so she leaves home without a backward glance. Seven years later, tragedy brings her back to the ranch where everything started. Her plan is simple – return to Wyoming, settle the estate, and hurry back to California where her heart is safe.

But meddling Uncle John has one last trick up his sleeve. His final request requires her to remain at Shaw Creek Ranch, and also entwines her life with the two brothers she can’t resist – Michael and Gabriel MacKenzie. The sudden changes leave Analise confused and wary. She can’t help wondering if she’ll become the rope in their tug of war, or the delicious filling in a savory seduction?


Look what got a new cover!

Scandalous Charges

Click here for last chance at 99¢

If asked to describe herself in three words, author Emily Lassiter would say dry, barren land. The characters in her bestselling books got more action than she did. Living in a fantasy world made her want–no–crave the feel of a man above her, beneath her. Hell, behind her. She wasn’t picky. Her only problem? Having finally escaped the verbal vomit of an emotionally abusive man, Emily’s self-confidence was smaller than a G-string on a gnat.

Enter The Pipe Cleaners, a male escort service, and guaranteed ego boost.

If asked to describe his patience in three words, Sebastian Chambers would say depleted, finished, done. Waiting for Emily to realize the depths of his affections made him tired and left him with a permanent, severe case of blue balls. As her financial adviser, his job was to make sure no one took advantage of his shy little author.

When charges for an escort service appeared on her credit card statement, he heard her silent cry for pleasure and decided she needed to change from past tense to present. Accepting no less than a starring role, Sebastian made plans to take matters into his own hands. Her matters, including the luscious tits and curvy hips he fantasized about every night.

Price increases from 99¢ to $2.99 next week!

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